Sometimes there’s nothing to do, but to do a thing. This was one of those deep breath moments in the build. I’ve been building out sections of the boat in sequence, but I recently decided to deviate from some of the examples. I’m adding an artistic detail to the bow and stern that required me to take a jig saw to the strips I’ve laid in.

After I transferred the detail to the boat, I ran a couple test cuts with different tools – Dremmel, coping saw, and jig saw. Ultimately, the jig saw with a scroll blade was the best option.

Everything went well. Now I need to detail out the line with my hand blades. Then I’m going to work an extra detail that I think will make it really look good. For now, I’m pretty happy with the decision. It presents well from pretty much all angles, but I like the profile for sure.

Profile view of the detail
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