I’ve finished three fourths of the initial sanding and fairing. I’ve decided to do all the filling and finishing in one step afterward. I did some tests on the fill using the wood flour, water, and glue that I read about on WoodenBoat. It appears to be a good option. I just need to create some color matched wood flour.

The initial fairing and sanding makes a huge difference. I took some side by side before and after pics, but they don’t totally do it justice. It was already looking like a real boat, now it’s starting to feel like one.

It takes some time, but it’s not all that bad. The key is having a good sander. I used the scraper to fair everything up to a pretty good standard, and then start the sanding using the 50/50 method Nick suggests. I made 2 passes with 40 grit, 2 passes with 80 grit, wet it down, then 2 passes with 80 grit, and finally 2 passes with 120 grit.

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