So this is super nerdy, but pretty damn cool from my perspective.

I’ve been looking for a way to do development from my Chromebook that doesn’t require the Linux install in developer mode. In a previous effort I set up my sidehat OTG RaspberryPi Nano. Based on a post from Dr. Gerald Busch here, and my most recent playing with Google Collab, I decided to try out JupyterLab. I couldn’t get Gerald’s instructions to work because I seemed to be having a problem with the proxy server, but I was able to get some things working.

What you’re seeing in the picture:

  • Web browser based IDE (Jupyter) in dark mode (ooh, ahh, pretty)
  • Connected to my OTG Raspberry Pi side hat (earlier post)
  • File management on side hat (left)
  • Python 3 run via Jupyter notebook (center)
  • Code file editing of a Class on the remote system (right)
  • Terminal command prompt on the remote system showing Jupyter Lab running (bottom)

UPDATE: I just did this again on my Raspberry Pi 3 b+ and I made a couple tweaks. The biggest one is I made sure to update the node.js install to the latest. The default instructions cause warnings that ended up being a problem.


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