I recently migrated to a Google Cloud virtual server after watching a video from Chris Titus. Chris has a bunch of great videos I’ve looked into as I play with different Linux projects. The Google Cloud hosting approach is scalable and virtually free for the smallest server. It’s literally pennies a day, and that comes out of a $300 credit you get when you sign-up. I also took the opportunity to migrate to a free SSL provided by Letsencrypt.org. They have a great mission and philosophy with the aim to “…create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.” It was a super easy to setup.

It was less easy to move this site material over. I jumped the gun a little on moving over to the new server, and made the migration of this website a little harder on myself than it needed to be. The biggest fight was migrating from my old SSL tickets to the new ones without being able to work through the CMS admin pages. But I learned a lot about SSL (and built a lot of “character” in the process :)).


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